Located south-west of London, Lukuan Education (UK) Limited is a legal education service officially registered with the UK's Government Company House.


Our work:

1. Serving Chinese students in kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, colleges, universities, post-graduates and doctors in the UK. We recommend the best schools, obtain admission notices, apply for visas, monitor management, guide further studies, help transfers, handle students and are a one-stop service for house parenting.



2. We recommend the best schools for middle school students coming to Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, obtain admission notices, apply for visas, monitor management, guide students in their studies and help transfer.



3. We provide professional tutors in the UK in: daily English, IELTS, mathematics and physics, economic and business accounting, psychological philosophy, political and social religion, music and drama, art. All subjects can be taught online, and can also be taught at home.



4. Undertake holiday domestic students to come to British summer camps and winter camps.



5. We handle short-term exchange students.



6. We help domestic universities, middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens to establish friendly relations with British schools and to becom sister schools.


We work hard for the exchange of education and culture between China and the UK. Integrity, service and whole-heartedness are our characteristics. We are praised by students and parents. We are trusted by many universities, elementary schools, middle schools and kindergartens in the UK. We are a loving and responsible team of dedicated people.


Lukuan Education (UK) Limited broadens the path of education for the students, frees your expectations and realises your dreams!