Chinese Student Guardianship (UK) Ltd is based just south-west of London as a legal organisation to become guardians of young students. 


We are honest to our customers. We are the link between the school, student, parents and host family. We help the parents look after the children's physical and mental needs. We satisfy the individual student’s needs. We offer the most suitable service to you with a 24-hour hot-line. We visit the students to make sure they are safe and progress in their studies, ensuring every student has a happy stay in the UK.


For a child coming over alone to study and live in the UK, their parents will constantly worry about their health, safety, study and living issues. They need a responsible guardian to look after their child and take care of the parents’ worries.


When arriving in the UK for the first time, students will find difficulties with the language and new places, without friends or family, their new life can be very unsettling. All these concerns can make them feel stressed, lonely and lost. Students need a friendly, kind and thoughtful guardian to look after them to help with the problems they will face when they study in the UK.