Who is my guardian?

When you guard under our company, the company manager, Lisa, is your guardian in the UK. Lisa’s contact number is 07845 193818; office number is 01252 694318. If you have any questions, any problems, any trouble, please feel free to contact us. She is the person you can rely on the most in the UK.

Why choose us?

Our monitoring service doesn't just provide good accomodation for students, for transportation and for supervision of the learning process. Of most importance is the fact that we are friends to our students, communicating regularly with them to understand them and care for them when they are away from their parents, encouraging their mental growth and stimulating their learning. Some students in a strange environment find difficulty with their new living and learning environments, feeling too much pressure, coupled with the difficulty of a new language. We do our best to prevent and help the student with these problems, helping them to grow happily and healthily.

What should students know?

  • Can only stay out at night if the guardian receives your parents’ permission in writing.
  • Smoking is illegal if you are under 16 years old. 
  • Buying alcohol is illegal if you are under 18 years old. 
  • Never have contact with drugs. Taking or tempting other students into buying drugs will result in expulsion from school and repatriation to China.
  •  We recommend you do not get tattoos or colour your hair.


Is Chinese Student Guardianship (UK) Ltd legally registered to operate its business in the UK?

Yes. Chinese Student Guardianship (UK) Ltd is a legally registered limited company in the UK. We are registered with UK Companies House.

What happens in an emergency?

You and your child are given our 24-hour emergency contact details when they first arrive in the UK. The school is also informed of our contact details. In most cases, the situation can be resolved by one or more telephone calls. However, in the case of a suspension or a medical emergency we will liaise with you and with the school until the matter is resolved.

What are our fees?

Registration fee: £100.00 per student. Registration fee is not refundable.


Guardianship fee: Different students have different needs. Fees will vary from £400.00 to £1000.00 per term per student.


Student fund: £1000.00 per student. This fund is used for transport (to and from airport, school and home stay family at £0.50 to £1.00 per mile). Holiday accomodation (£25.00 to £40.00 per night). School uniforms. School interest classes and extra English tuition as required by the individual student. If visits are required, for any reason, by the student or parents (£60.00 per visit, plus travel fees). When the fund reaches £300.00, we will ask for a top-up to £1000.00.