Education Monitoring Management Service

We offer a 24-hour contact centre for schools, students, home-stays and parents.

We take responsibility for arranging pick-ups at airports and accompanying students to register at the chosen school. We explain the rules and regulations of the school and dormitory in 
Chinese to help and encourage students to adapt to their new environment. Children and parents will be at their most anxious when students first arrive in the UK for a few days or even weeks. However, with our help, we will do everything to help them settle down.

We can help to buy communications equipment such as mobile phones and SIM cards in advance to ensure that students can connect with their families when they land in the UK.

When arranging holiday accommodation, we choose a safe and friendly host family according to your child's interests and personality. We make sure the student has a happy holiday life at the school's designated end-of-term holidays (half-term) and long weekends (Exeats). We ensure the host family does not has a criminal record and has good accommodation.

We keep in constant contact with the school, paying attention to the students' behaviour and academic progress. We attend parent's meetings on behalf of the parents. We regularly send reports about the students' study and life at school to the parents in written form. We timely address the problems that children face in school.

Phone calls, emails, visits to schools, and meetings are held in close communication with students and inspirational education.

If your child is sick, we arrange a doctor or dentist.

In case of emergency (such as sudden serious illness, accident, violation of school rules, etc.), we provide timely help, support and advice, and promptly notify the student's parents or legal guardian. A medical consent form is signed by the surrogate parent or legal guardian in an emergency, subject to authorisation.

At the beginning and end of each term, we arrange a round-trip escort between the the school and the airport, or between the school and the host family.

We provide applications for university guidance. We provide guidance for GCSE (junior high school), A-level (high school), university, and Masters selection.

We arrange for a tour or gathering at the request of the student or parent during the holidays.

We help Police registration, family doctor registration, embassy registration.

Hosted funds for custodial students. You pay according to the student's needs and parental opinions. We report the student's detailed expenditures to the parents after the end of each term.

We assist parents to visit the school when parents come to the UK to visit their children. We arrange pick-ups, accommodation and travel for parents.
The above monitoring items can be selected in whole or in part. Parents can reduce or increase the monitoring service items according to comprehensive factors such as the child's psychological age, physiological age, and self-care ability. Different monitoring items are charged differently.

1 Registration fee £100
2 Education Guardianship Fees. The basic level is £2000/year, the mid-range level is £3600/year, and the VIP level is £8600/year.
3 Student reserve funds £500

Parents also need to pay:
1 Boarding fees for student holidays in the UK.
2 Student's transportation expenses.
3 Travel expenses at the request of parents to visit the children: 150-300 pounds each time (according to the travel time).