Our services

  • A 24-hour hot-line for your family, school and for you.
  • After your child arrives in the UK, a member of staff, will welcome them from the airport and take them to school registration, and translate the school’s rules and regulations into Chinese. If you wish, we can go to school to visit your child, whenever you or your child needs us, during term time - especially during the first few weeks in the country.
  • We will arrange accommodation and help with purchasing a mobile phone and a SIM card so that your child can contact their family and friends as soon as possible.
  • We will help your child register with the local police station, and apply for a bank account. We will arrange a host family for half-term, according to your child’s interests, choosing a safe and friendly host family. We will ensure the host family provides good conditions for your child.
  • We will be in regular contact with the school, giving you feedback of your child’s studies and welfare at school. 
  • We can phone, email or arrange meetings with the school or student to maintain communication and encourage your child's motivation.   
  • We will arrange a local doctor or dentist for your child. 
  • If an emergency happens (illness, accident, breaking school rules, etc), we will visit the student and provide support. We will also contact the parents or the child’s guardian. Before contacting the child’s parents, we will sign the medical agreement.
  • We will provide pick-up services every half-term between the school and the host family.
  • We will assist your child with suitable GCSE or A-level course selections, if needed.
  • According to you or your child’s needs, we can arrange travel for your child during school holidays. 
  • We can help your child book air tickets to return to China and email you the flight details.
  • We can help you manage your child’s pocket money, giving you a list of expenses at the end of each term.
  • We can arrange the parents’ tourism, including hotels, travel arrangements, etc, in the UK if they would like to visit.


According to your child’s needs, you can select all or just some of the services above, or please let us know any further special needs you may require. Please fill in the form below according to your child's situation. We will give you a quote.




Guardianship Service Application Form (no obligation)

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