Our team

General Manager 

Lisa graduated from a famous Chinese university in the early 1980s and has worked in management for many years. In the last ten years she has settled in England. Lisa is easy-going and open-minded, careful with her work, and she is responsible, patient, warm-hearted, kind and sincere. What is more, she is good at communicating with students and members of the schools, and has rich experience in managing and taking care of students. In other words, she is a good friend to students and a good assistant to parents. Lisa's responsibility is to manage students away from possible problems and to ensure they enjoy a safe, happy and healthy stay in the UK. She carries the responsibility and trust shown by both the parents and the student. She will listen to the needs of parents and students to help each student and is also duty bound to encourage her colleagues to do the same.



Deputy Manager

Kaili graduated and master’s degree from a university in the UK . She has gained a vast amount of experience from living, studying and working in the UK. Students will find her knowledge of English culture valuable. She advises in the school selection and application process.


Company Consultant

Michael has established a good relationship with many universities, boarding schools and home-stay families in England. He is skilled in college guidance and in the settlement of unexpected emergencies. Michael wins popularity with the students because he not only respects and loves Chinese culture, but he is also a courteous and humorous man.


Student Services

Helen graduated from the University of Gloucestershire, and is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. She is cheerful, friendly, easy-going and has rich experience in studying, working and living in the UK. She is responsible for contacting the school if students need help in solving any problems they might have with living and progressing their studies in the UK.