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Regardless of the student's level of English and Chinese language performance, we can give you the most suitable study plan and get the best admission notice for the school.
Is their junior high school students have low English abilities? It doesn't matter – they can study the GCSE preparation course first.
Is their high school English low standard? It doesn't matter - they can read the A-level preparation course for one year.
Do they want to learn medicine? The A-level school recommended by us ensures an interview with a medical school at the university. The A-level learning process has a British hospital apprenticeship opportunity. They offer work experience to go to the UK hospitals for training opportunities.
Do they want to learn medicine? The college preparatory course recommended by us can also apply to the medical school.
Do they need a better level of IELTS for college? It doesn't matter - the English-language intensive class solves these problems.
Is there a lack of places at the chosen school? No problem. If they cannot get a place at a G5 University, they can still go to a famous university or attend numerous high schools, preparatory colleges, undergraduate courses at places such as Bristol, Lancaster, Durham, King's College London, Warwick, Surrey, or Swansea. They are all among the top-ranking universities, top-ranking schools, top-ranking professions or offer top-ranking employment in the UK.
Popular major? Dentist, undergraduate
Popular major? Hotel management, undergraduate
Features: The school arranges a paid internship at a famous hotel for one year! Ranked 12th in the UK.
Graduation prospects
Suitable for: aviation management, cruise company management, conference centre management, hotel management, resort management, tourism bureau management, tourism management.
High goals? Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, UCL, or LES? With our special help, it is smooth sailing.
Exchange students? Admission for short-term exchange students below the high-school level, the minimum length of study is 3 months.
Distance education? It is easy to graduate, the school ranks around 100, and the post-graduate diploma is a one year course. Conducive to domestic in-service personnel to study, and easy to obtain a British diploma.