Summer or winter Camp

Football theme
Performance theme
Equestrian theme
Tennis theme
Fashion theme
Film production theme
Musical theme
Photography theme
Animated theme
Audition course theme
The speech topic

1. Students arriving at the UK airport: £800-1100 per week (including room and board and tuition). Prices vary slightly depending on the theme and time. You can customize a few weeks to camp. Responsible for picking up the students at the airport and sending them to the airport.

2. Students start from the country: £3000-3500 for two weeks (including room, board and tuition, round-trip ticket). Depending on the theme and time, the price can be slightly different. The teacher led the team to the UK and returned to the country.

3. Free Summer Camp: After the company participates in the summer camp, students who apply for GCSE or A-level through the company, will return to summer camp for one week with free room and board.